Market Sense — 058

The Year Gone by!

Charles Dicken’s had written thus, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. This is quite an apt description of the year gone by. It was a year with a lot of contradictions. Even as the economy is…

Market Sense — Dec 2020

The Month Gone by!

The year 2020 has come to an end finally. From the high pessimism during the height of the Wuhan Virus Pandemic the markets have come a very long way. The Stock Indices hit a new (all-time) high for 15 out of the 22 trading days of…

Is the COVID Scare Over!

Nov 2020

The Month Gone by!

November 2020 brought with it a torrent of good news. It seems that the world has finally conquered the Wuhan Virus. On November 9, Pfizer the US Pharma giant announced to the world the successful completion of the Phase 3 trials of their vaccine…

Market Sense — 051 (Sept 2020)

The Farm Bills passed by Parliament during September 2020 can be termed as the 1991 moment for the Indian Farmers and the Agricultural Sector. The sector accounting for about 15% of the GDP, employs and supports the livelihood of a lion’s share of the…

Market Sense — 047 (May 2020)

The Month Gone by !

After a gap of 68 days the lockdown was finally lifted in India. It was like a whiff of fresh air. During the lockdown period the Indian Government’s & Industry’s Capability on fighting the Wuhan Originated Virus has gone up manifold. …

MC Kumar

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